Summation of the Prosecution

In a closing statement, the prosecution provided a summary of its arguments against the GFMD.

  1. On the First Charge: We have established that Defendants have violated Complainant’s human rights by prescribing migration policies in furtherance of their neoliberal agenda of commodification of labor and modern-day slavery.
  2.  On the Second Charge: We have demonstrated the criminal neglect of Complainants’ economic rights and violation of their political, economic, social and cultural rights by the Sending States.
  3. On the Third Charge: We have shown the violation of the Complainants’ political, economic, social and cultural rights by the Receiving States.

The prosecution provided evidence on the following issues to proving that the Defendants a) promote measures violating the rights of migrants; b) remain silent about systemic violations; and c) habitually fail to alleviate the plight of migrants. The testimonies describe abuses and violations as a result of the following policies or conditions:

  1. European Return Directive (Luz Miriam Jaramillo)
  2. Refugees (Rex Osa)
  3. Domestic Workers (Eni Lestari)
  4. Women Migrant Workers (Viviana Medina)
  5. Seafarers (Gregario Cagod)
  6. Labor Export Policy (Gerry Martinez) 

Please see link below for the full summation of the prosecution:

IMT Prosecution’s Closing Summation


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