Testimony and Affidavit of Garry Martinez

Gerry Martinez is a former undocumented worker in South Korea and the incoming chairperson of Migrante International. Migrante International is a worldwide alliance of Filipino workers in 90 countries around the world. He testified before the Tribunal about the effects of Labor Export Policy (LEP) on the Philippine economy. LEP, promoted by the GFMD, does not contribute to real economic development but contributes to further economic regression and results in abuse of migrant workers.

“The phenomenon of labor migration is the result of the increasing under-development of nations caused by the imposition of neoliberal policies. Contrary to what the GFMD claims and promotes, it does not facilitate development. Migration as a tool for development is a myth. The truth is, labor migration has resulted in the further commodification of the labor force and service sectors of underdeveloped nations at the expense of genuine national development.” (Testimony of Gerry Martinez)

“The GFMD is promoting the Philippine model of labor export to other countries in the South advocating this system as a means to achieve development through migration. However, it is glossing over the fact that after four decades of labor export policies, the Philippines has not experienced real development from migration and labor export policies are taking place at great expense to the migrant laborers especially from the working classes.” (Testimony of Gerry Martinez)

Please see link below for full testimony:

Garry Martinez affidavit

Gerry Martinez testifying before judges

Gerry Martinez testifying before judges


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