Testimony and Affidavit of Gregorio Cagod

Gregario Cagod testified before the Tribunal on the issue of seafarers. Mr. Cagod is the vice president of the National Union of Seafarers Crewing Danish Ships (FILDAN) and a board member of the International Seafarers Action Center in the Philippines (ISAC).

Mr. Cagod discussed the conditions of seafarers around the world. Seafaring remains one of the most dangerous professions. According to the International Maritime Health Association, “it has been established that seafaring is one of the most physically demanding professions in one of the most dangerous work environments: the sea.” The global maritime trade accounts for 5 percent of the total global economy and employees more than one million seafarers from around the world. Seafarers suffer from exploitation, discrimination, poor working conditions, and neglect. Mr. Cagod received a severe brain injury while abroad a vessel after falling from a ladder. After surgery, the company denied him disability benefits until he filed a case before the NLRC.

For the full testimony of Mr. Cagod, please see the link below.

Gregorio Cagod affidavit


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